Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

Memorizable moments of Herrang 2012

1.I arrived on Tuesday of the first week, forgot about blues night and coming to the party only because it was too cold in my tent. I was surprised to such good-looking dancers.
2.During the first week I was watching movies in the Russin kitchen instead of dancing and after four going to dance but it was late for lindy. Only Boogie Woogie. I liked it.
3.On the first week on Thursday I have danced with a crowd of beginners. Hardly got out from the Library and wanted to go sleeping. Sat down on a stair near the basement. A man sat down next to me and asked "how are you" and suggested to dance. I said "Ok, but lindy" (there was the blues in the basement) thinking that he is another beginner. Appeared that he is awesome partner from Canada. His name is Iren. As I understood he conducted news program at the meetings. We danced about ten dances or more. It was very cool. His leading is a bit like in blues with all parts of body. And a lot of new for me.
Next day I have met him but hardly recognized. He said "Natasha it is me Iren". From that moment I memorized him but he obviously forgot me :) I have seen him a lot of times later.
4.Have worked for four weeks in the bar.
Most difficult part of work : Moved 150 boxes with empty coca-cola bottles from the backdoors of “Folkets Hus” up to the road for one hour and a half. was the first time I was baking browny, berry pie and making chocolate balls.
6.Have more communicated than danced.
7.Once on the fourth week I was walking to “Folkets Hus” beeing very sad. It was dark. And suddenly I was stopped by a girl and she said: "Are you ok? I think you need a hug." It was realy strange. May be I needed exactly it. But I started smiling and said that I was just tired.I don't know why I refused.
8.Spent 400 euros for everything (road, residence, evening-parties, meal, visa...)
9.Lost my backpack in the Library. In 10 A.M. it was found by a volunteer in the basement. I can't imagine how it could appear there. It was full with valuables (food card for week, cellphone, perfume, expensive cosmetic...) Disappeared only my tips about 70 crowns. I was very glad.
10.And a lot of other staff...
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