Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova


I decided to go to a bookstore and came across a shelf of books such as - "Flirt", "How To Date", "How to build a strong family", "Conflict", "How to fall in love", "How to fall in love with the right man" and other like this. I wanted just to look through them. After taking several books and finding a secluded place at an empty table and started flipping them. In 10 minutes a handsome guy sat in front of me. He apparently was waiting for someone as he wasn't reading. I felt a little nervious. But all my books were cover down and crust to me. I thought he wouldn't know what I was reading there. But after some time I saw him sitting bored and starting to take my books one by one and look at the covers. He looked at all of them very carefully. At that moment I thought that even if he would throw them around I wouldn't lift my eyes at him (I pretended reading all the time). Thanks God in five minutes his girl came and took him from me.
Now I think that it is funny :)
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