Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

My first WCS dance camp was in Ukraine. "Sunny Side"

I found out a lot of new about this dance:
- About scores for participation in the competition (Jack and Jill) which we don't have in lindy hop. It is very convenient. Those dancers who won many times compete only among themselves. Although we have many of those who just can't afford to go on rating competitions and therefore get stuck at the bottom.
- That in this dance it's much more important how you look. Soft feet (it's like you do massage to floor), straight legs, the musicality which go from your legs, which beat out a rhythm to the body, which shows the vocals.
In lindy you do bounce, in WCS you flow. What is better I can't say. Both these dances are very complex, and each has its specific mood, specific music and people. That is very different and I can't prefer anything now. Thought before I thought that WCS is boring but it's only when you are not in music. When you immersed to the atmosphere of WCS you understand how it's cool. It's another world.
There are very few people who dance both lindy and WCS. If you dance with experienced partners, you realise that it is not less cool than lindy hop. Especially it's very new for me when they lead to various waves of the body. A lot of slowdowns. Solo is much more required from the follower. The solo part can be what you want, what music speaks to you. Even hip hop. Watching experienced dancers is not less interesting than in lindy hop. And the music is sometimes awesome.
May be the person who dance only lindy or only WCS can't understand other dance because he/she has to start from the beginning. But for a start getting the same pleasure we need some time.
After lindy hop I tried salsa and tango but hanged on WCS.
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