Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

Blues and fusion

After my arrival from the Sunny Side camp all my days are filled with blues. Blues classes from Lennart (it was his first blues class), blues classes from Andrew Sutton. And as Andrew had decided to stay in Moscow for another week a small group of people, which can afford not getting up early during the week, are dancing each evening and sometimes the whole night in the club "Artefaq". The club allowed us to put our music and presented to us free champagne. People are interested in what we are dancing. And also try to dance. A couple of boys stayed with us till the end. They dance well enough apparently they had some experience but two girls ran away after the first dance.
The best Blues partner with whom I had a chance to dance is Andrew Satton's girlfriend. Before I could not understand what is fusion. I do not know this dance is Blues or something different. But I understood why they named it so. It's like a full fusion in the dance. Very sexy. But from the fact that she is a girl there is no embarrassment for me. It's difficult to describe what it's like. I can compare it with Thai massage but only a hundred times cooler. She knows well where and how touch you to lead. By the way we danced only in the close embrace position. I can't follow so well in the open position and she didn't try to open very often. Feeling is awesome. If she would lead a partner who knows how to follow I don't know what he would feel.
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