Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

A story from another world

I rarely meet my brother. Rarely have talk with him. He is 2 years younger than me but we have completely different interests. He works in politics. I mostly dance.
Today, he told me about their life. My brother is enough handsome, looks young, sociable, cheerful, though has enough difficult character (he is my opposition, very suitable for policy), He has only model girls, very beautiful. And they are always about 16-22 years old. He had a girlfriend for one year. She is 16. She is a schoolgirl. They decided to be separately because he can not afford to buy her a bag for 3 thousand $ each month. He usually can afford to spend on his girlfriend about 3 thousand per month for everything. So she was glad for a year, and then have found richer guy. They decided to be friends. And she gave him the phone of her school friend, who my brother likes. They met, and then called back. Then she disappeared. She said that she have lost her phone. He immediately ordered a new very expensive one for her. But before he could give it to her she said that she loved another guy, and the phone is not lost, just her boyfriend did not let her answer. Brother canceled the gift and told about it to his ex-girlfriend, she of course told about it to her friend. And the last one nearly broke her old phone. Her boyfriend asked her "What's up? It's your phone". And she shouted "Yes, and it looks like this phone will be mine forever".
The world is so huge, but distances don't mean nothing. Interests mean everything. And the world of our interest is very small.
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