Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

New Orleans

The city of music all over the year to any taste, delicious smell of food and old beautiful buildings, blue and red hair, tattoos and lovely people.
To understand any city I need some time. l am not a traveler who has a plan before arriving. I love to live in it. Meet local people, go to cinemas instead of museums, walk through the entire city by foot, visit permanent dance parties. I would like to live in each city not less than a month but better a year. It is like relationships with people. You can't know city or person if you don't spend enough time together. And only long ones can change you and your views. In a year it will be absolutely other city for you than it would be in a month. After it you can decide if you want to continue your trip or you understand that it is yours.
In San Francisco I have been for five weeks and I had very different pictures after two and after five weeks. I have been only for 10 days to New Orleans. Now I can say that I prefer SF. But people say that if I would live in NO more I would never leave it. Who knows. May be I have would be more fascinated or may be opposite. There are so many music here. Not only jazz. You can find music for any taste, from classic to exotic lullabies on curious instruments and just vocal. The city is small enough and during holidays you can meet a lot of familiar people as I did. New Orleans is absolutely beautiful. So much mystery, charm, character. And the food!!! That city smells of delicious food.
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