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Natalia Osipova's Journal
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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
3:24 pm
Эта запись - специально для офтопиков. Заходите, если что. Я всегда готова к общению, даже если в моем ЖЖ не появляются новые записи.
Thursday, November 7th, 2013
4:23 am
Science fiction against tales
Рассуждения С. Лема о "Пикнике на обочине" Стругацких.
Лем говорит, что это одно из интереснейших произведений в научной фантастике. Но в тоже время находит много недочетов.
Я обратила внимание, что он очень любит все разбирать по винтикам. Но насколько же становиться интересней.

"Истинно научная выдумка отличается как раз этим: описанные ею события и их рациональное объяснение столь же познаваемы, сколь и феномен, случившийся во внелитературном мире. Такая работа может начинаться с выдуманной, даже крайне выдуманной предпосылки. Но это - привилегия начального авторского замысла, исчезающая внутри самого текста. Это значит, что рассказчик не может внутри повествования не может вводить новые феномены, исходя лишь из собственной фантазии. Волшебные сказки могут позволить такое, поскольку им совсем не требуется объяснять логически или эмпирически описываемые чудеса. Научная фантастика, присваивающая себе привилегии волшебных сказок, покидает сферу реального мироздания и причисляет себя к разделу волшебных сказок, где все, что думается или говорится, по этой самой причине немедленно становится возможным и без лишних вопросов принимается читателем за чистую монету".

Прочитала три его романа "Эдем", "Солярис" и "Непобедимый".
Совершенно необычайные миры.
О двутелах, у которых самых важный орган восприятия не слух, зрение..., а электричество.
О океане, который воплощает все наши мечты, даже если мы их боимся.
И о планете где произошла некроэволюция, приведшая к тому, что выжили наиболее приспособленные, и ими оказались простейшие роботы. С их дальними потомками, которые имеют вид «мушек».
Общая идея всех трех романов о невмешательстве. О том, что у нас нет права, что либо менять, имея мало представления о сути.
Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
2:06 pm
New Orleans
The city of music all over the year to any taste, delicious smell of food and old beautiful buildings, blue and red hair, tattoos and lovely people.
To understand any city I need some time. l am not a traveler who has a plan before arriving. I love to live in it. Meet local people, go to cinemas instead of museums, walk through the entire city by foot, visit permanent dance parties. I would like to live in each city not less than a month but better a year. It is like relationships with people. You can't know city or person if you don't spend enough time together. And only long ones can change you and your views. In a year it will be absolutely other city for you than it would be in a month. After it you can decide if you want to continue your trip or you understand that it is yours.
In San Francisco I have been for five weeks and I had very different pictures after two and after five weeks. I have been only for 10 days to New Orleans. Now I can say that I prefer SF. But people say that if I would live in NO more I would never leave it. Who knows. May be I have would be more fascinated or may be opposite. There are so many music here. Not only jazz. You can find music for any taste, from classic to exotic lullabies on curious instruments and just vocal. The city is small enough and during holidays you can meet a lot of familiar people as I did. New Orleans is absolutely beautiful. So much mystery, charm, character. And the food!!! That city smells of delicious food.
Saturday, April 6th, 2013
11:23 am
One more Herrang
I am leaving SF in couple of days.
It was like Herrang dance camp slightly. Also five weeks, every day parties, a lot of people. But it was even a bit better. It is the first place it is pity to leave in USA for me. But it also was a bit emotionally exhausting.
I was hosted by six people in SF and by two people in Bay Area during five weeks. I have found a lot of new friends.
Dance parties in the Bay Area, California are the best ones. There are so many leaders here. May be it is because it is Silicon Valley and there are a bunch of companies like Google, Facebook and so on. I have met one guy who came and said: "O, I have seen you in Moscow, Buff". All who I know and who moved and live in USA live here. It is about 9 people.

The best party in SF is "Nine Twony" on Thursday.
On Wednesday it is better to go Mountain's view for Lindy. But they have also Lindy in SF "Cat's corner"
On Friday and Monday they have blues and fusion in SF.
On Sunday there is "Lindy in the park" in the Golden Gate Park in SF at 11am. I have seen and tried to study a lot of videos on u-tube with Lindy hop moves from this park before on lindyhopmoves.com.
And it was pleasant and surprised to be in the same place.
The next stop will be New Orleans for 10 days.
Thursday, February 14th, 2013
8:31 pm
I like this language. Hugging, embracing, cuddling, snuggling
In English there are four verbs for hugging. I have placed them in order of their intimate increasing.
In Russian we have only one verb for everyone.
Apparently this theme is more highly developed here.

В английском языке существует четыре варианта глагола "обнять". Я их расставила в порядке увелечения степени близости.
В русском языке всего один глагол.
Видно это тема здесь развита больше.

1. A hug
is a near universal form of physical intimacy, in which two people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely.

2. Embrace
To clasp or hold close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection.

3. Cuddle
Cuddling is NOT hugging.
Hugging is what you do when you're standing up. Cuddling is what you do when you're lying down.
To completely spell it out, since the below people apparently have no idea what cuddling is: you and another (usually) person lie down next to each other in such a way that the two bodies are touching AND the arms of at least one person are wrapped around the other person.
Usually a result of simple romance, or as a way of consoling sadness.
1) They cuddled up on his bed after a romantic night out
2) He cuddled her in the rain as she was crying

4. Snuggle
Verb, to snuggle is to be very close in an intimate fashion. When one is snuggling there is no personal boundaries between the two snugglers, nor emotional boundaries. The two people are connected through the act of snuggling.
Boy: Baby you look like you need to cuddle.
Girl: No sweet heart I need to snuggle with you.
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
12:02 am
South Florida Lindy Exchange
Very friendly people. A lot of smiles and communication. Swimming in the pool with a temperature of 92F (approximately 31С) reminded me of Budapest baths.
I was surprised by the fact that there is no public transport, everybody uses their cars. Evening parties were in one place, night parties in the other, it was far enough from each other. We usually went to have food in a cafe between them. Distances are very big. Nobody walk. So I was carried from one place to another.
There were may be only one more foreigner from Germany and me. The rest ones are from US.
The next stop will be Tampa which is situated four hours from here for four days. Just for sightseeing, a bit dancing and friends who pick me up there.
Sunday, January 13th, 2013
10:22 pm
New York 11-12.01
1. После девяти часов перелета было долго ощущение, что землю потрясывает. Ведь в Нью-Йорке не бывает землетрясений?
2. Что странно ни разу не попросили ввести пинкод. Потерял карту и ей может пользоваться кто угодно.
3. В пятницу была на blues class and blues party. Все происходило на соседней улице от моего хостела. Танцуют и правда все только один танец. Зато хорошие партнеры не боятся приглашать, так как один танец, меньше чем два. Но в среднем уровень не высокий.
4. Совершенно случайно попала на занятия к Эвите (женский стиль и блюзовая рутинка) - 2,5 часа. Было очень круто! Тоже на соседней улице.
5. Похоже здесь легче купить новый телефон за 20-40$, чем симкарту.
6. Поезда в метро проезжают остановки, надо внимательно смотреть, куда садишься.

Здесь, конечно, теплее, но все-таки прохладно. Всего 8-10 градусов.
Monday, December 24th, 2012
10:33 pm
Finally my passport was found. I was only at four places since I have seen it the last time. At parents' home, at party, at my home and outside. In each of the three places people helped me a lot to look for it.
The director of the club and me spent an hour searching it in every corner at "Polnolunie".
Thank you thank you very very much :) But it was found at home by Nick in his shelf for five minutes. It took me a whole day!
I already thought to go to Israel (blues event) because we don't need visa for it :)
And I promised to myself if it would be found I would read English book for three hours in a day until I leave to USA :)
And now to pack stuff. I'll go tomorrow at 8 morning.
1:17 pm
I have lost my passport. Now I will go neither Snowball, no USA. I can assuage myself that everybody is safe and sound (I watched a film yesterday about people who have lost their family and friends and their suffering, how they were going crazy and doing very strange and scary things and then some of them were recovering).
And anyway I will be in USA but much much latter.
There is a little hope that I had forgotten it at the party on saturday and I'll find it tonight. But how to survive until this evening. There is hope, and because of it I can not accept the situation. And it does not give me a chance to do something.
Monday, December 10th, 2012
1:27 pm
It is so cool to dance like a leader and solo. You don't need to sit and suffer from a lack of dancing you don't need to hunt for partners when there are only three ones and ten wonderful followers. A dance with these wonderful followers can give me the same pleasure. And sometimes even more. It gives me a new feeling that I can create dance myself. And it's so nice when the girls start to invite me back.
But my favorite thing (of cause after being follower with good partner) is to dance with partners as leader but if they can follow well enough.
Now I get much more pleasure from each party.
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
10:49 pm
A story from another world
I rarely meet my brother. Rarely have talk with him. He is 2 years younger than me but we have completely different interests. He works in politics. I mostly dance.
Today, he told me about their life. My brother is enough handsome, looks young, sociable, cheerful, though has enough difficult character (he is my opposition, very suitable for policy), He has only model girls, very beautiful. And they are always about 16-22 years old. He had a girlfriend for one year. She is 16. She is a schoolgirl. They decided to be separately because he can not afford to buy her a bag for 3 thousand $ each month. He usually can afford to spend on his girlfriend about 3 thousand per month for everything. So she was glad for a year, and then have found richer guy. They decided to be friends. And she gave him the phone of her school friend, who my brother likes. They met, and then called back. Then she disappeared. She said that she have lost her phone. He immediately ordered a new very expensive one for her. But before he could give it to her she said that she loved another guy, and the phone is not lost, just her boyfriend did not let her answer. Brother canceled the gift and told about it to his ex-girlfriend, she of course told about it to her friend. And the last one nearly broke her old phone. Her boyfriend asked her "What's up? It's your phone". And she shouted "Yes, and it looks like this phone will be mine forever".
The world is so huge, but distances don't mean nothing. Interests mean everything. And the world of our interest is very small.
Monday, October 1st, 2012
11:57 am
11:44 am
Unreal dance of Japanese guy
I had a feeling that he is about to explode

Friday, September 14th, 2012
10:18 pm
Blues and fusion
After my arrival from the Sunny Side camp all my days are filled with blues. Blues classes from Lennart (it was his first blues class), blues classes from Andrew Sutton. And as Andrew had decided to stay in Moscow for another week a small group of people, which can afford not getting up early during the week, are dancing each evening and sometimes the whole night in the club "Artefaq". The club allowed us to put our music and presented to us free champagne. People are interested in what we are dancing. And also try to dance. A couple of boys stayed with us till the end. They dance well enough apparently they had some experience but two girls ran away after the first dance.
The best Blues partner with whom I had a chance to dance is Andrew Satton's girlfriend. Before I could not understand what is fusion. I do not know this dance is Blues or something different. But I understood why they named it so. It's like a full fusion in the dance. Very sexy. But from the fact that she is a girl there is no embarrassment for me. It's difficult to describe what it's like. I can compare it with Thai massage but only a hundred times cooler. She knows well where and how touch you to lead. By the way we danced only in the close embrace position. I can't follow so well in the open position and she didn't try to open very often. Feeling is awesome. If she would lead a partner who knows how to follow I don't know what he would feel.
9:15 pm
My first WCS dance camp was in Ukraine. "Sunny Side"
I found out a lot of new about this dance:
- About scores for participation in the competition (Jack and Jill) which we don't have in lindy hop. It is very convenient. Those dancers who won many times compete only among themselves. Although we have many of those who just can't afford to go on rating competitions and therefore get stuck at the bottom.
- That in this dance it's much more important how you look. Soft feet (it's like you do massage to floor), straight legs, the musicality which go from your legs, which beat out a rhythm to the body, which shows the vocals.
In lindy you do bounce, in WCS you flow. What is better I can't say. Both these dances are very complex, and each has its specific mood, specific music and people. That is very different and I can't prefer anything now. Thought before I thought that WCS is boring but it's only when you are not in music. When you immersed to the atmosphere of WCS you understand how it's cool. It's another world.
There are very few people who dance both lindy and WCS. If you dance with experienced partners, you realise that it is not less cool than lindy hop. Especially it's very new for me when they lead to various waves of the body. A lot of slowdowns. Solo is much more required from the follower. The solo part can be what you want, what music speaks to you. Even hip hop. Watching experienced dancers is not less interesting than in lindy hop. And the music is sometimes awesome.
May be the person who dance only lindy or only WCS can't understand other dance because he/she has to start from the beginning. But for a start getting the same pleasure we need some time.
After lindy hop I tried salsa and tango but hanged on WCS.
Sunday, August 19th, 2012
4:13 pm
Why Russians don't smile
I thought: why when I come to Herrang for five weeks it becomes so natural and easy to smile to a stranger by the end of the camp? Even to Russians with whom I usually don't exchange smiles in Moscow, on arrival back home after Herrang it becomes to do much easier, (but still only with people with whom I have already made "a smiling contact").

Russians usually do not to smile to strangers and do not smile to people who they don't socialize with.
Smile is addressed mainly to people whom you know. That is why the shop assistants, waiters and others of this kind don't smile to the customers - they do not know them. Russians will smile to familiar customers. Although lately it's getting better.

I remember that time when you could be stopped by any old man or woman and he or she would shout at you: "Why are you grinning? Do you feel so good?"
And if you will smile while your teacher or other supervisor is scolding you, you will have big problems. It's better to hide the smile, in this case you will be punished less.
Even now you can come across with old women, who usually work as concierges, who never smile. If she shouts at you, and you are smiling, they become very furious.

I remember that once I was stopped by the traffic police for speeding and they sent me to pay a fine to another building. I was in a such good mood for some reasons that I went in smilling to a man who takes fines. And suddenly he said: "You don't need to pay!". I was surprised and he added, "You are the first person who smiled to me while I am working here." He was incredibly nice to me.
Although it could be vice versa. Several years ago (and sometimes now too), if a girl smiled to a policeman he could say "why are you grining? May be this fine is too small for you?". I was lucky that time.

Smile is not a signal of politeness in the Russian communication. Constant polite smile is called ‘a duty smile’ in Russia and it is considered to be a demonstration of his insincerity, stealth, and unwillingness to open true feelings.
A russian smile is intended to be only sincere, and usually it is a signal of personal favour to someone or demonstration of good mood. This smile shows a personal sympathy to whom it's addressed. If you smile to a russian stranger, he can ask you: “Do we know each other?”

The smile of russian people should have grounds known to other people, only in this case a person can have a "right" to smile.
There is one unique proverb in the Russian language: “Laughter without cause is the sign of foolishness”. People with a Western way of thinking can't understand the logic of this saying.

I think Russians are not against to smile to everyone, if only they are sure that this is not judged and everybody understand them correctly, and they don't look like fools. Therefore when Russians move to other, "more smiling", countries they get used to smile little by little :) Especially if they are young people who have only childhood memories about a conviction of smiling.
12:52 am
I decided to go to a bookstore and came across a shelf of books such as - "Flirt", "How To Date", "How to build a strong family", "Conflict", "How to fall in love", "How to fall in love with the right man" and other like this. I wanted just to look through them. After taking several books and finding a secluded place at an empty table and started flipping them. In 10 minutes a handsome guy sat in front of me. He apparently was waiting for someone as he wasn't reading. I felt a little nervious. But all my books were cover down and crust to me. I thought he wouldn't know what I was reading there. But after some time I saw him sitting bored and starting to take my books one by one and look at the covers. He looked at all of them very carefully. At that moment I thought that even if he would throw them around I wouldn't lift my eyes at him (I pretended reading all the time). Thanks God in five minutes his girl came and took him from me.
Now I think that it is funny :)
Monday, August 13th, 2012
2:08 pm
After almost one and a half year was my first lindy party not considering two Herrangs, Lindyshok and Minsk. It was cool. First time for the long time I was so exhausted and happy. It looks like I'm stuck in this forever.
Friday, August 10th, 2012
1:23 am
Memorizable moments of Herrang 2012
1.I arrived on Tuesday of the first week, forgot about blues night and coming to the party only because it was too cold in my tent. I was surprised to such good-looking dancers.
2.During the first week I was watching movies in the Russin kitchen instead of dancing and after four going to dance but it was late for lindy. Only Boogie Woogie. I liked it.
3.On the first week on Thursday I have danced with a crowd of beginners. Hardly got out from the Library and wanted to go sleeping. Sat down on a stair near the basement. A man sat down next to me and asked "how are you" and suggested to dance. I said "Ok, but lindy" (there was the blues in the basement) thinking that he is another beginner. Appeared that he is awesome partner from Canada. His name is Iren. As I understood he conducted news program at the meetings. We danced about ten dances or more. It was very cool. His leading is a bit like in blues with all parts of body. And a lot of new for me.
Next day I have met him but hardly recognized. He said "Natasha it is me Iren". From that moment I memorized him but he obviously forgot me :) I have seen him a lot of times later.
4.Have worked for four weeks in the bar.
Most difficult part of work : Moved 150 boxes with empty coca-cola bottles from the backdoors of “Folkets Hus” up to the road for one hour and a half.
5.it was the first time I was baking browny, berry pie and making chocolate balls.
6.Have more communicated than danced.
7.Once on the fourth week I was walking to “Folkets Hus” beeing very sad. It was dark. And suddenly I was stopped by a girl and she said: "Are you ok? I think you need a hug." It was realy strange. May be I needed exactly it. But I started smiling and said that I was just tired.I don't know why I refused.
8.Spent 400 euros for everything (road, residence, evening-parties, meal, visa...)
9.Lost my backpack in the Library. In 10 A.M. it was found by a volunteer in the basement. I can't imagine how it could appear there. It was full with valuables (food card for week, cellphone, perfume, expensive cosmetic...) Disappeared only my tips about 70 crowns. I was very glad.
10.And a lot of other staff...
Thursday, March 15th, 2012
7:24 pm
Наша Китияна очень смахивает на главную героиню клипа, только она не пьет ничего кроме молока и воды.
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