Natalia Osipova (edita) wrote,
Natalia Osipova

One more Herrang

I am leaving SF in couple of days.
It was like Herrang dance camp slightly. Also five weeks, every day parties, a lot of people. But it was even a bit better. It is the first place it is pity to leave in USA for me. But it also was a bit emotionally exhausting.
I was hosted by six people in SF and by two people in Bay Area during five weeks. I have found a lot of new friends.
Dance parties in the Bay Area, California are the best ones. There are so many leaders here. May be it is because it is Silicon Valley and there are a bunch of companies like Google, Facebook and so on. I have met one guy who came and said: "O, I have seen you in Moscow, Buff". All who I know and who moved and live in USA live here. It is about 9 people.

The best party in SF is "Nine Twony" on Thursday.
On Wednesday it is better to go Mountain's view for Lindy. But they have also Lindy in SF "Cat's corner"
On Friday and Monday they have blues and fusion in SF.
On Sunday there is "Lindy in the park" in the Golden Gate Park in SF at 11am. I have seen and tried to study a lot of videos on u-tube with Lindy hop moves from this park before on
And it was pleasant and surprised to be in the same place.
The next stop will be New Orleans for 10 days.
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